6 Common Wooden Furniture Stains and How to Clean Them

One of the most preferred materials when it comes to furniture is wood. It’s because of its durability and class that matches almost any home style. So when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, you should take into considerations the stains that might get into it. Someday your wooden furniture will become antique, in order for them to survive stains and odors; you should know how to remove them. The following are the common stains found on wooden furniture and the steps on how to remove them.  

Wooden Furniture Stains 

Ballpoint Ink 

When your kids or spouse work on the wooden tables, it’s most likely that pen inks will be spilled on the table. To remove the ink stain, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol. After 5 minutes, remove the stains by wiping them. If there are still stains, repeat the process. Use white non-gel shaving cream foam if alcohol doesn’t work.  

Berry Stains 

A lot happens in a wooden table, especially if it is located in the dining area. For berry stains coming from the berry fruits and berry jam, remove them using 3% hydrogen peroxide. Apply them on the furniture and wait 10 minutes. After that, blot the stain with ¼ cup white vinegar per quart of water. Hydrogen peroxide might bleach the wooden furniture but you can restore the color by using pecan or meat of walnut.  

Beer and Alcohol Stains 

Beer and alcohol are the most popular drinks every drunk in a wooden table, especially if there’s an occasion. You should be careful with these because it can warp or darken the wood. To clean the stain, use ¼ cup of white vinegar per quart of water. Dry the stain and wait for several days to check if the wood is darkened. You might need to sand and refinish the furniture.  

Candle Wax 

If you’re a traditional person and wants to put candles on the dining table or cabinets, there’s a big chance that you’ll drip some candle wax on the surface. Do not remove them while it’s hard and dry. Get an ice cube and put it directly on the wax. Wait for it to get really cold before wiping up the excess water. Insert a butter knife under the wax until it pops off. If this doesn’t work, consult a contractor who’s professional in drapery cleaning or furniture cleaning.  

Coffee or Cola 

We love drinking our coffee or soda on the coffee table and dining table. The furniture suffers the most from spilled drinks and foods. When it happens, it’s obvious to wipe the spills immediately. If there are water spots remaining from the larger stains, use a wood cleaner and conditioner.  

Glue and Adhesive 

If your kids love to do their projects on your wooden furniture, you’ll obviously get some stains from the glue and adhesive. To remove them, put ice cube on a zip-lock bag and apply directly on the stains. Use a plastic scraper to scrape off what you can. Apply smooth peanut butter and wait. Blot the stain. The peanut butter’s oil will dissolve the glue.  


4 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Energy Efficient

When it comes to cutting back on energy usage, you might just focus on reducing energy consumption in your kitchen, laundry room and whole house air conditioning and heating systems. It is true that a home efficient home will benefit you personally by lowering your utility bills, but it also helps the entire environment which makes everyone’s life better. 

Energy Efficient 

Do not forget to include your bedroom when it is time to look for easy ways to save energy. Well, to help you, here are 4 ways to make your bedroom energy efficient. 

    Start and Thermostat  

By lowering your thermostat setting in the winter and raising it in the summer is one of the easiest and fastest ways to lower your monthly electric bills. Around half of the energy used each month comes from air conditioning units or the furnace in most homes.  

With advance planning, your bedroom will be just as comfortable as before since even few degrees up or down can make a huge impact on your utility bills. You can add an extra blanket and lower the thermostat prior to sleeping in the winter. 

Set the controls to raise the temperature a few degrees shortly before your alarm clock goes off in the morning since most modern homes have programmable thermostats. Upon rising, you will sleep soundly and won’t have to experience an excessive chill. 

Turn the air conditioner off at night and open your windows instead of in the summer. To pull cooler air outside into your bedroom, you can use a portable window fan. You will surely stay comfortable while using less electricity compared that turning on an air conditioner.  To provide a cooling breeze throughout the night, another option is setting a portable oscillating fan near the bed.  

If you suspect that your air conditioner has problems, you must act quickly because it may lead to lesser efficiency and may lead to higher energy consumption. Thankfully, there are many companies that offer AC repair services such as Spring Hill A/C repair that offers high-quality work and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

    Check the Windows 

Your money is slipping away along with the wasted energy if there are gaps around the windows in your bedroom. Cold air breezed creep in during winter and cooled air leaking out during the summer because older windows are especially likely to have gaps in caulk or weather-stripping.  

    Clean the Ducts  

By cleaning your home’s air ducts, you can improve airflow and reduce stress on your heating and AC systems as well as remove built-up dust and allergens. Since dirty filters are common energy wasters, keep in mind that you need change the filter in your furnace every few months.  

    Change Light Bulbs 

Use LED bulbs in your lamps and other lighting fixtures instead of energy consuming incandescent lamps. You will surely save a lot of money with this method. It is also advised that you unplug chargers. Many small savings add up to big impact even so it is a must even though it is just a small saving. You can also consider using a ceiling fan in your bedroom.


Audio Visual Installer for the Office

A decent audio visual system is pivotal to viable introductions. Preferably, you need all your AV gear to function admirably, with no hitches or glitches, so individuals in participation can see and hear what you need to share unmistakably. When searching for a solid AV temporary worker to ensure your AV framework functions admirably, there are a few things to consider.  

Audio Visual Installer 

If you are still looking for a great company who could install audio visual systems on your office, home or anywhere where you would like to have it, then this article is surely for you because we are going to give you the latest tips of 2017 in choosing the best audio visual installer.  

If you are in your office, this would surely benefit you and the company because it would make your job easier and for the company, this would attract a lot of investors and clients in their office so having it would make a big change.  

If you would want to have it in your home, for example, you would like to install a home theater in your home, a good audio visual installer is the person that you might be looking for. They could customize your audio visual room according to your preference and this would be very helpful to you as the home owner because you will have someone to help you decide on the things that are very important to be decided upon, just like the brands of the equipment that are needed.  

If you are not going to settle for less and you are going to follow this article then rest assured, you will be having a great time enjoying your audio visual system whether in your office or the comfort of your own home since good audio visual installers such as Audio Visual Installer for Office Seattle or other companies will see to it that you get only the best.  

In the first place, search for a temporary worker with years of experience, since they should know their stuff in regards to sound, video and community frameworks. Approach to what extent the general population working for the contractual worker have been doing what they’re doing, and discover the organization’s notoriety by requesting references. Is it true that they know about your set-up and needs, or is your activity something unfamiliar to them?   

A decent place to look at what past customers thought of the AV contractual worker is internet, utilizing Facebook, Google, and the organization’s site. Search for positive remarks, and additionally negative ones. You can simply email or call references to burrow further, making inquiries you need answers to before you put your trust into a specific contractual worker.   

How is the AV contractual worker getting along, fiscally? Would you be its exclusive customer? Providers will have the capacity to let you know whether they pay their bills on time and on the off chance that they are a developing organization—or one they’ve had issues with.  

Different things to search for while hunting down a solid AV contractual worker incorporate CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) affirmation and, all the more particularly, CTS-I (establishment) as well as CTS-D (outline) accreditations. The organization ought to be enough safeguarded, as well.   

At long last, you’ll need to associate with an AV temporary worker who can see your vision to fruition. You should feel great with the organization and its kin, having sat down with each other to talk about requirements, needs, and desires.